Court of protection & personal injury

Court of Protection

Managing the finances of someone who is vulnerable or incapable due to a life-changing injury or illness can be a nerve-wracking responsibility. A relative, friend or solicitor is usually appointed as a ‘deputy’ to help with this vital role by the Court of Protection.

Our dedicated Court of Protection team is experienced in helping to create a tailored investment plan, so money is taken care of, both now, and in the future.

Personal Injury

Many Personal Injury investors have specific requirements and may need to rely on a court payment to fund their lifestyle and care needs. This means:

  • The investment portfolio needs to be flexible to accommodate any sudden changes in personal circumstances.
  • Care needs to be taken when deciding on a tolerable level of investment risk.
Our dedicated Personal Injury team will work with the claimant’s advisers to create a financial plan that takes into account these factors and can meet the necessary long-term financial objectives.

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