We place a strong emphasis on research and analysis and have a well-resourced research team dedicated to studying potential investment opportunities.

In-house research team

The research team is responsible for managing fund research and analysing all third-party manager investments. Research covers all open-ended and closed funds across all regions and asset classes.

This means you can be confident that the investments we select for your portfolio are fully researched and have been subject to thorough due diligence.

Analysis and research

Our in-house research team is extremely well resourced and experienced. We carry out detailed analysis of any funds that we invest in. Our analysts conduct face-to-face meetings with fund managers and in depth performance analysis and due diligence in order to select funds for a client’s portfolio. Out of over 17,000 funds within our investment universe, this process results in us choosing our top 320 funds for inclusion within a client’s portfolio. Once selected, we monitor each fund on a regular basis to make sure it consistently performs the way we were expecting

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