When your investment manager constructs your investment portfolio, they will take into account your social, ethical and environmental priorities, screening out sectors and companies you may want to avoid.

What is ethical investing?

Ethical means different things to different people, but in this case refers to investments that are excluded from your investment portfolio. There are some sectors which can receive more attention than others (the traditional ‘sin sectors’ – tobacco, arms, gambling, alcohol and pornography) but ultimately ethics are personal, so we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach.
Quilter Cheviot has a firm-wide policy to avoid investing in companies involved in the manufacture, development or trade of controversial weapons, specifically anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions.

How we can help you?

Ethical investing is available to clients who use our Discretionary Portfolio Service (DPS).
When discussing your objectives for your portfolio, your investment manager will work with you to determine an ethical policy that fits your criteria.
We are well versed in integrating ethical policies into our investment process and can screen all direct holdings (fixed income and equities) to ensure that your ethical values are incorporated into the management of your portfolio. These restrictions are loaded onto our dealing system to ensure on-going compliance with these exclusions.

How are restrictions applied to my portfolio?

There are different ways to screen certain sectors or stocks.
In order to complement our investment managers’ knowledge we employ an independent specialist firm (Ethical Screening) to screen the securities researched by our analysts so your investment manager knows which ones should be excluded given their exposure to sectors or activities which clients wish to avoid.
It is important to ensure that where you substitute sectors or activities, you do not take unintended risks by way of increased concentration in other sectors, for example.

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