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A happy accident and wine gadget of the month

I can’t see myself swigging from the can itself so the need of a glass still exists however I think over the coming years you can expect to see a decent range of wines by the can on our shelves and if the quality is as good as the Cycles Gladiator I think that’s a step in the right direction.

You heard it here first!

At home we have numerous accounts with supermarkets and wine merchants and I keep a close eye on offers to always try to find a bargain. Tesco’s finest Amarone was my last great discovery. £18 down to £14 and then 25% off if you bought six bottles or more of any wines. Thus I’m in the game for £10.50 for a wine that is one of my favourites from Italy. I’m now buying it at the full £18 as it’s a bargain at that price so keep an eye out for Tesco offers in the run up to Christmas and fill your boots when it comes around.

Similarly I saw Brancott Sauvignon Blanc on offer. I’ve always thought that they make consistent, entry level Sauvignon Blanc at a good price. Again it was £7 down to £6 with 25% off on the same when you buy six, meaning my exposure was £4.50. At this price I can sleep at night if I don’t like it very much and it ends up in a risotto.

A couple of days ago, post the Tesco delivery, I pulled out a bottle to have on Saturday lunchtime to ease us into the weekend. I poured it, tasted it and really liked it. However it clearly wasn’t Sauvignon Blanc. I tried it again and liked it even more. Round, soft but good acidity. Subtle tropical fruit but not too sweet.

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