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When undertaking the management of your clients’ portfolios, we remain aware of the relationship and inherent trust you have established with them and therefore the responsibility we have to deliver the service and standard they have come to expect.

Discretionary Portfolio Service

Our discretionary portfolio service offers your clients a bespoke portfolio, structured according to their requirements and attitude to risk. The minimum portfolio size for this service is £200,000.

Each client is assigned a personal investment manager who, supported by their individual team and our in-house research team, will manage their portfolio, generating the best possible performance from their investments.

To find out more about our Discretionary Portfolio Service, please click here.

Managed Portfolio Service

Whilst managing their accounts, you may encounter clients with £25,000 or more to invest. Our managed portfolio service could be a suitable solution for them, providing expertly managed and diversified exposure to the financial markets through a range of pre-determined investment portfolios.

Our MPS offers seven active strategies to choose from, that cater for an extensive range of investment objectives and risk preferences. These invest exclusively in collective investments to provide greater diversification.

Our experienced and dedicated team of research analysts and investment managers identify future trends and select the funds which we believe are best positioned to exploit them.

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Multi Asset Funds

For investments starting at £1,000, we offer a multi asset fund solution, with a strong performance track record, allowing your clients to benefit from the pooling of assets at a lower threshold than our other services.

Libero offers three funds; Libero Cautious, Libero Balanced and Libero Strategic. These funds cover a range of different investment objectives and risk preferences. Our award winning Climate Assets fund focuses on sustainability with five key themes – energy, food, health, resources and water.

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Pensions & Offshore Bonds

We believe we’re perfectly placed to support and enhance the services you offer to clients in the pension sector.

Pension fund management is a core part of our business, particularly with the introduction of auto-enrolment rules, which, as you know, means that by law all companies must offer employees a pension. We manage investments on behalf of a wide range of pension schemes covering Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs), defined benefit, defined contribution and Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAs).

No two pension schemes are the same and so we aim to develop a bespoke investment approach for each fund and provide regular clear communication to your client.

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Why Quilter Cheviot?

  • Experienced: We are one of the oldest investment management firms in the UK. Our investment managers have an average of 19 years’ investment experience and you can be confident that we understand how to look after your clients.
  • Well-resourced: With our dedicated research analysts, you and your client can be assured that we are well equipped to make the most appropriate investment decisions.
  • Accessible: We have a network of regional offices throughout the UK, Ireland and Jersey, making us ideally placed to provide a local, personal approach giving you and your client the service you need in a location that works for you.