Fund Service

Our Fund Range

We believe in offering excellent investment opportunities to everyone. Our fund range offers the highest quality service with an accessible entry level with investments starting at £1,000.

We understand that people have different investment objectives, so our range of Libero funds has different risk levels depending on your circumstances and the level of risk you would like to take – Cautious, Balanced and Strategic. Our Climate Assets fund gives you the opportunity to invest a medium risk fund with a real focus on sustainability.

Our Investment Process

With our fund range, you can benefit from the same rigorous investment process, intelligent asset allocation and sophisticated research and analysis that is used for our Discretionary Portfolio Service and Managed Portfolio Service.

We believe the best returns come from a flexible approach and don’t restrict ourselves to one investment style. We have a house view that runs throughout the business and our fund managers try to align themselves to this view.

When selecting the holdings, our fund managers use a combination of market analysis, our in-house research and company visits to ensure we’re making the right investment decisions. When selecting collective funds for any of our services, we always meet face-to-face with fund managers so we can establish exactly what it is we are investing your money in.

All of our investments are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure their ongoing performance and suitability.

Why Invest With Us?

We have a dedicated funds team made up of highly qualified experts working to get the best possible results they can for your investments.

We are not restricted by our investments and therefore, neither are you.

We have a history of good performance, in the good times and the bad. Our multiple awards and record of performance speak for themselves. We focus on performance to ensure you have the best possible chance of achieving your financial goals.