Our Dps

We understand that your client relationships are critical to your business and by recommending our services to them; you’re passing on a significant level of responsibility. It is a duty of care on which we never compromise, with thousands of clients already trusting us to make investment decisions on their behalf. Couple this with our dedicated in-house research capability and strong performance track record and it’s easy to see why so many see us as a safe pair of hands for their investment portfolios.

About Our Discretionary Portfolio Service (DPS)

For investments starting at £200,000, our Discretionary Portfolio Service offers a truly bespoke investment management solution for your higher wealth clients. Our investment managers will work with you and your client to determine their investment requirements and objectives to build a portfolio that’s right for them.

We have extensive experience working with financial advisers. By utilising our Discretionary Portfolio Service, you can enhance the service you offer by providing your client with access to our expertise and alleviate yourself from some of the regulatory responsibility associated with investment management. This approach allows you to act as an advocate for your client, actively challenging what we do and say, and preserving your primary relationships – with your client.

Why Choose DPS?

  • Experienced:We are one of the oldest and largest investment management firms in the UK, allowing you to utilise our extensive experience and skills whilst maintaining the primary personal relationship with your client. Our investment managers have an average of 19 years’ investment experience- you can be confident that we understand how to best work with you to deliver results. We have experience managing accounts for individuals and trusts, ISAs, Pensions (SIPPs, Family SIPPs, SSASs, QROPS) and Offshore bonds.
  • Well-resourced:With our substantial resource of dedicated research analysts, you and your client can be assured that we are equipped to make the most appropriate investment decisions.
  • Bespoke:Our investment managers work with you to create genuinely bespoke portfolios that aim to meet not only client investment objectives and personal risk requirements, but also cater for cherished holdings, capital gains tax management and income from capital as well as yield.
  • Accessible: You will have access to a dedicated intermediary support team to help with any questions or concerns you may have. We have a network of regional offices throughout the UK, Ireland and Jersey, making us ideally placed to provide a local, personal approach giving you and your client the service you need in a location that works for you.