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European MIFID II Template (EMT)

The target market for funds is defined by a data template referred to as the “EMT”. The relevant parts of this when considering our services are summarised below

Investor Type: Retail but can be used by Professional.

Knowledge and Experience: As we help the client to explain the investments that are used, our target market is basic clients, but can be used by informed or advanced investors.

Suitability: The strategy is selected to meet the clients requirements, time frame, risk tolerance and capacity for loss. Our strategies range from low risk to high, provide growth and all have no capital guarantees. The time frame ranges from short to long dependent on the equity content within the strategy.

Distribution strategy: Our service is only available for clients who enter into an agreement with Quilter Cheviot; they are not available without advice either from an internal investment manager or from a recommendation by a regulated intermediary.

Cost and charges: We will provide an illustration of costs of the investment proposition to the individual client and their adviser in good time and before the commencement of the service. The costs will depend on the commercial terms and on the funds that are used within the portfolio.

For our MPS service, the target market is the same as for DPS but the threshold for investment is lower.

An individual, trust, charity, corporate pension or pension member with funds to invest of over £25,000 who has a willingness to take some investment risk and has a basic understanding of investments.

To download the European MIFID II Template for MPS, please click here