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Frank Shaw, Foresight Director at Centre for Future Studies

Saturday 4 August 2018 – 12.30 – 13.00

Topic: Visions of the future of farming

Can we create the future or is the future predetermined? Is the future singular or plural? Do you agree with Einstein who said “I don’t worry about the future, it comes soon enough?” Does the future repeat itself? These are just some of the challenging questions Dr Frank Shaw will be addressing. “It’s well worth thinking about,” he says, “because the future is where will be spending the rest of our lives!”

Dr Frank Shaw is the Foresight Director and world renowned futurist at the Centre for Future Studies based at the University of Kent. He established the Centre in 1996 and over the past twenty two years has worked as a strategic futures advisor to multinational businesses and national governments. He was designated one of the top ten influential thinkers in the world by Time Magazine in 2003.

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